Being Too Nice Could Get You Killed

Would it annihilate you to be nice? It could.

Many of us wish to be nice people. Nice humans are affable and helpful. Nice humans try to be accommodating of the animosity of others. Nice humans don’t wish to affront or agitated anyone and are afflictive “causing a scene.”

Typically, as accouchement we are accomplished to be nice, to not offend, to try not to aching added people’s feelings. This is abnormally accurate if it comes to girls. Girls are declared to be “sugar and aroma and aggregate nice.” Girls are accomplished not to fight, not to hit, not to carefully accomplish humans feel bad.

There’s annihilation amiss with getting nice. Unless it blurs your arresting mindset. Unless it makes you avoid accustomed faculty or your abutting voice. Unless it makes you acknowledge afore cerebration about accessible consequences.

Think about it. If you’re in accessible and you see anyone who seems to be in ache or needs help, your actuation is to help, right? Naturally. But that affection can could cause you to avoid your intuition and let anyone get too close.

Let’s say that you’ve just larboard the arcade capital and you’re branch to your car. A man, well-dressed, leg in a casting and application crutches, asks for your advice putting his purchases in his car. He’s nice searching and friendly. And he’s got a torn leg. What could it aching to advice the poor guy out?

Ted Bundy, the consecutive killer, acclimated that affection to his advantage. He generally absorbed his victims into his car by assuming to acquire a torn arm or leg, sometimes application crutches, and allurement for their help. Many biting women chose to be nice and advice him. Their affection accustomed to be a baleful mistake.

Predators are actual acceptable at application a person’s affection as a apparatus to allurement them into harm’s way. They await on our accustomed affection to not be rude.

Here’s addition example: You’re walking home. It’s aphotic and raining. A car stops next to you. The man and woman in the car action you a ride. You apperceive bigger than to acquire rides from strangers. But the humans are animated and friendly. You don’t wish to assume abrupt by axis them down.

Caroline Roberts accustomed a ride from humans she anticipation were getting helpful. In an account on a crime-investigation TV Show, Caroline said,

“My aptitude was not to get in the car, but addition allotment of me was adage ‘Don’t be rude. Give them the account of the doubt.’”

Caroline got in the car anyway. She spent the next 12+ hours getting atrociously attacked and raped by Rose and Fred West.

Not all predators attending evil. Not all of them abrasion hoodies, gloves, masks and/or backpack a weapon. Many are well-dressed and fit in to their surroundings. Don’t let yourself be bamboozled by charisma, charm, or attractiveness. Ted Bundy, for instance, was a charismatic, well-dressed, abstruse man.

“The Devil does not attending like the Devil. Some predators are charming, acceptable searching and they advance accustomed lives and acquire a profession.”

“Predators are adumbration abstracts and they are chameleons that alloy into their ambience and they attending like they should be there.”

Bill Oliver, Retired Forensic Psychiatric Technician

Predators await on people’s accustomed affection to be helpful. They await on nice humans aperture the aperture if they apprehend a knock. They await on nice humans getting accommodating to advice others. They await on nice humans not absent to accomplish a arena or be rude.

“Predators will use amusing conventions to their advantage. They apperceive that it’s abrupt to be rude, and that nice humans don’t wish to be rude. They apperceive you’ll feel aberrant bridge the artery if they’re walking against you, and that you apparently won’t. They apperceive you apparently will not acquaint them to get out of your face if they appear too close, or that you’ll agitate their duke if they put it out for you. The a lot of alarming predators will not assume like predators on the surface, but allowance are, you’ll apperceive something isn’t right. They’ll be area they don’t accord or they’ll be accomplishing something a accustomed being wouldn’t do. It may be something small, but if you’re acquainted and paying attention, you’ll see it. And you don’t acquire to be paranoid. You artlessly charge to be acquainted and pay absorption to your feelings.”

David Erath Jr, The Ultimate Guide to Unarmed Cocky Defense

The afterward adduce from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Movie (2011) fabricated me shudder. (Well, frankly, the absolute move was air-conditioned and disturbing.) And yes, I apprehend that the adventure is fiction, but this arena was absolute for assuming how humans acquiesce themselves to be maneuvered into danger.

“Why don’t humans assurance their instincts? They faculty something is wrong, anyone is walking too abutting abaft them… It’s harder to accept the abhorrence of behind can be stronger than the abhorrence of affliction but, you apperceive what? It is, and they consistently appear willingly. And they sit there, and they apperceive it’s all over… but somehow they still anticipate they acquire a chance. ‘Maybe if I say the appropriate thing, maybe if I’m polite, if I cry, if I beg.’”

You do NOT acquire to be affable to anyone who is authoritative you uncomfortable! If a drifter is aggravating to get into your claimed amplitude or collaborate with you, it’s OK to acquaint them to leave you alone. If you feel that you’re in danger, do something about it. Don’t try to be affable and achievement that if you’re nice abundant the blackmailer will not aching you. Give yourself permission to scream, run, and/or avert yourself. Say No! Accomplish a scene! Be offensive! Who cares what anyone thinks? At worst, you were amiss and can apologize. At best, you just adored your life.

If a drifter stops and asks for admonition or for advice searching for his keys, car, dog, etc., it’s accept to say “sorry” and accumulate moving. Assurance your gut and don’t anguish about affliction the added person’s feelings. Don’t put yourself in a alarming position out of courtesy.

Listen to your abutting voice. Don’t besom that afraid activity aside. Listen to it. Don’t put yourself in a compromising position because you don’t wish to assume abrupt or offensive.

I apprehend that every drifter is not a predator. And I’m not suggesting that you become paranoid. Go advanced and abide to be a nice person. But amuse be alert and aware, too. Assurance your instincts. Develop a arresting mindset. Learn acquaintance skills. Yield a cocky aegis class. And apprehend that there are some absolutely bad humans out there who are acquisitive to yield advantage of your niceness.